[:ru]Для меня творчество — понятие всеобъемлющее. Мы творим, сотворяем, претворяем саму жизнь и все ее составляющие.

Приглашаю познакомиться с тем, что значит творчество для меня и с теми его проявлениями, которые я активно воплощаю в жизни.

Переехав в Словению и оказавшись один на один с собой более, чем когда-либо, именно мои творческие потенциалы взяли верх, и я начала свой творческий проект, MUŠ или маленький творческий стартап, с которым вы можете познакомиться здесь. Также я продолжила занятия актерским мастерством, открыв для себя импровизацию, продолжила исследовать прикладное творчество (которое реализую в проекте AZ design) и, конечно, искать сочетания креативных методик с психологией и психотерапией, постепенно обретающие форму в моих тренингах.


Gallery Not Found[:en]Words «Art» and «Creativity» mean a lot to me. We create, co-create and re-create life and all its components.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, so I could enjoy the rich and amazing Russian culture. We love to create, explore, learn and teach. Traditionally starting from the early childhood parents motivate their children to try different activities, such as sports, arts and crafts. My very creative mother did her best to give me as many chances to learn as possible. She infected me with her love for learning and it has stuck with me ever since. 🙂

I was 4 years old when I tried ice-skating, at 5 I was put into a musical school to learn violin and piano (which I successfully finished in 7 years), at age 6 I went to a regular school and for the next 10 years I was constantly occupied by loads of activities, such as dancing and painting classes, amateur acting performances, language lessons and so on. I continued this tradition at the Moscow State University (mostly in acting) and then during my future life.

In 2012-13 I managed to make a 9-month trip around South-Eastern Asia. It was an unforgettable experience which changed my life and opened my creative sources as never before.

When I moved to Slovenia and had to think of what to do in a foreign country, all these experiences proved very useful. I have started my small art start-up MUŠ, applied to the Improv acting school, and have been making my arts and crafts project AZ design at the same time, continued doing different art projects with my friends and lead and organized workshops combining art and psychotherapy.

I still travel a lot and meet great people, learn, explore and get a lot of inspiration!

So, welcome to my art corner, I am very happy to share with you my passion!

Some photos of my arts and crafts are here:

Gallery Not Found[:sl]Nekaj mojega ustvarjanja in projektov lahko najdete na socialnih omrežjih. Več informacij prihaja kmalu 😉

Gallery Not Found[:]

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